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Yes, Lemon Dot offers a comprehensive service plan. Everything is covered. You can have peace of mind

It is very simple, there is zero capital outlay for the printer MFP. All you pay for is the print made, at a variable determined cost based on your print volumes. If you print 100 pages per month you will pay a slightly higher verses someone who prints 1000 pages per month. In a quiet month like a school for example, they have ZERO cost during the school holidays, when no printing is done. 

Contract-Rental of the printer MFP is normally between the bank and you and not the service provider. It is the same as buying a motor vehicle from a car manufacturer. You have to apply for finance and you are liable for the debt of the rental. You are not the owner of the equipment after the rental period. The Device is serialized an cannot be swapped out. The debt amount needs to be settled first.

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